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 Reverse Discrimination

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PostSubject: Reverse Discrimination   Sun May 16, 2010 2:38 am

When I explain this I usually call it reverse discrimination, but technically it is just normal discrimination based off race, sex, etc. The only difference is that the discriminators are trying be be anti-discriminatory. There are typically two situations where this occurs. The first one is the times you see commercials where they mltuple families all of different or mixed races just to avoid appearing racist. Instead, they have now been extremely discriminatory becase they just hired multiple people based purely on there race. They probably even filled out one of those applications that state that this company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, age, gender, etc. Even that is literally what the just did. This situation is constantly occuring withlarger businesses such as walmart when they decide that they will hire a construction crew that is entirely African American. Or better yet, when Barrack Obama became president, I think I was the only person to say, I am glad he won because he appaers to be the better candidate and ran a better campaign, where as the rest if the country gave a unanimous cry of "Finally a black president, First Black President Barrack Obama!". I felt bad for him, the man just worked his ass off and all people have to say is, congratz on being black guy!". That is insanely racist and no one ever notices. As if his being black is going to somehow effect his performance.. Which is what everyone is thinking.. WHICH IS RACIST! On the other hand, the second scenario is even worse. These scenarios typically occur when extremely racist people convince themselves that they are not racist because it makes them feel guilty. For instance, I once heard a conversation where a few older men were discussing how a large number of black families were moving into low income housing, trashing the place, then leaving, letting the government come in and demolish it to rebuild more low income housing for them to move back in and do the same thing. At this point the conversation was not racist, the people involved were black families and the conversation was purely factual. However, their wives immediately just out of their seats to shush them, and I mean literally a ridiculously loud SHHHHhhhh!!! As if some of their black neighbours were hiding out in the potted plants just for such an occasion to leap out and attack them like apes... That is the racism!! No one seems to get it. Better yet, people look at the idea of an all white school, or any segregation in a school as a horrible racist act, but yet now there are an abundance of all black schools, churches, and even communities that are looked upon with pride for their segregation. Thus, Reverse Discrimination..
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PostSubject: obama isn't our first black president, he is our first half-white president (its all in how you look at it)   Sun May 16, 2010 3:50 pm

The commercial thing drives me crazy too. Especially since
it seems like there is always an ignorant white guy fumbling through life until
a black guy, or a woman instruct him on the proper techniques of how to do some
ridiculously menial task.

The obama thing was clearly race related as well. First for
the reasons you mentioned, people ignorantly said things like “we need a black
president because it’s time for a change.” This implies that because he is
black, he will naturally do things differently, and that is completely racist. What
does the skin color matter, when his political policies are basically status
quo? Policy changes were what we needed. The other reason it was racist was
because about 85% of black voters, voted for obama. Could you imagine the
reaction, and insinuations that would’ve been made if 85% of white voters voted
for mccain? The fact is that a lot of black people voted for him just because
he was black, which is racist.

As far as the end, I would offer a counter point to that
though, the difference is that I don’t think any of those situations were
forced segregation (possibly one or two churches) so it can’t really be held
against them. I think what often happens is that when a lot of minorities start
to move into a neighborhood, white people with the means to do so tend to get
the hell out of dodge. If that is the case, you can’t blame the school
districts for that.
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Ol' Bitty
Ol' Bitty

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PostSubject: Re: Reverse Discrimination   Mon May 31, 2010 4:06 am

Reverse racism refers to discrimination against whites, usually in the
form of programs meant to advance ethnic minorities such as affirmative
action. Anti-racist activists in the U.S. have largely deemed reverse
racism to be impossible, as the power structure of the United States
has historically benefited whites and continues to do so today, despite
the election of a black president. Such activists argue that the
definition of racism isn't just one individual's belief that a certain
race is superior to others but that defining racism also includes
institutional oppression.
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PostSubject: Re: Reverse Discrimination   

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Reverse Discrimination
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