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 Heavy metal is lame and so are all of its 40 year old fan boys

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PostSubject: Heavy metal is lame and so are all of its 40 year old fan boys   Tue May 18, 2010 11:18 pm

In my opinion this genre of music blows for the most part. I don’t understand it at all. They start with really fast and hard rock music which I would like, but they follow it up with over-dramatic lyrics that are sung like me screaming after I stub a toe. I can’t decide whether it is the lyrics or the voice that bothers me most, but the combination of the two makes it impossible for me to take them serious. Then to complete the picture, they hire a team of 6th grade boys to name their band: Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Manowar and so on. What is their obsession with pretending to be tough? You are musicians get over it, if you want to be known as tough guys then become boxers or mixed martial artists. And by the way, you don’t look tough in skin tight leather, you look gay.
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PostSubject: I do not see the appeal.   Sat May 29, 2010 10:41 pm

I agree with the majority of your post, especially about the names of the band. From my experience with the genre I will typically enjoy the first 30 seconds of a song and start getting excited that I will like it because the singers have not spoken yet and the instrumentals are usually extremely good. But then some dude starts shrieking and the music loses all rhythm. This has always confused me for a multitude of reasons. First, if you plan on removing the good instrumental music and shrieking into the microphone then why even play good music in the first place? Second, every time someone tells me they like heavy metal, or a heavy metal song, their reasons are always because of the screaming. I can force myself to believe that people find the sound of rap or country music appealing, but I just cannot fathom the idea of enjoying the sound of someone shrieking. Every once in a rare while I will hear that it is the speed and difficulty of playing the parts on the instruments that attracts them, but even in those scenarios I am unable to justify whether or not a piece is difficilt to play if it sounds like garbage. So in the end, the onlytheory that makes sense is that these people think it makes them look cool to listen to music that no one else has any desire to listen to. This seems to be a common view, as if rebellion against the norm somehow makes you automaticly enlightened in some way.
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Heavy metal is lame and so are all of its 40 year old fan boys
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