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 American Idiot, The Musical

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PostSubject: American Idiot, The Musical   Sun May 23, 2010 2:29 pm

I am watching american idiot the musical while writing this. I do not understand why everyone thinks rebellious people have to have spiky hair and dirty clothes, and constantly swear.  I love this overenthusiastic fat guy though! Unfortunately, like most musicals, the dancing is overdramatic and does not make sense with what is supposed to be going on.   The fat guy is awesome though. The show is about a half an hour in and still no storyline is apparent. However, the points these songs are making are similar to a conspiracy theorist's so maybe that makes sense. The fat guy needs a bigger part. Before I entered the theatre, there were warnings about adult situations, simulated drug use, and visual representations of the mental state, plus I heard one of the attendants tell someone that the show would assault all the senses.. but so far, the effects are not anything incredible. Alot of flashing lights, different spotlights, and some moving walls. The backdrop is made to look like tons of newspaper articles with TVs randomly placed throughout. The TVs images vibrate and change in the background while images are projected through the newspaper creating some cool effects. But nothing has happened that should require a warning, and there is nothing groundbreaking that is assaulting my senses. OoOoo, a half naked black guy! I guess he represents the asshole popular jock guy? About two thirds of the way through the show and it looks like there is finally a storyline. (The attendant just yelled at me for writing this review in the theatre. Slipping into my pocket for a moment.. Lol) They just did a projection on the wall to make it look like their are semen and blood stains on the wall which looks pretty cool. The only 'simulated drug use' I have seen is that I guess using heroin must make you dance on a spinning table. I have not seen the fat guy in a while, he needs a bigger part. These last few scenes follow the storyline, but the emotions do not make sense with the events going on. All in all this just seemed like a poorer quality version of listening to the songs on cd, because the show did not really add anything interesting to the story. The singing was not bad, but was not as good as the actual band.. I do not understand why musicals are made so poorly. We have the technology and enough creative writers to make them interesting, so why do we still produce crap?          
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PostSubject: Re: American Idiot, The Musical   Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:39 am

after reading it, it seems very boring.

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American Idiot, The Musical
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