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 people who think referring to 420 is rebellious

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PostSubject: people who think referring to 420 is rebellious   Sat May 29, 2010 1:20 pm

this is something i come across on xbox live all the time and it pisses me off. i think the main reason why it bothers me is that every tool who puts a 420 reference in their name also acts like a dick bag. they do stupid shit like sing annoying pop songs, or randomly insult people just to get attention. when i see it, i can't help thinking they make the 420 reference to look cool and rebellious. the problem with that is that it really isn't either of those things. furthermore, when every single authority figure cracks your stupid code words, you need a new code word. that is the whole point of speaking in code, so "outsiders" won't understand you. Therefore they must be intentionally advertising their drug use to look cool and rebellious, in which case it just seems really pathetic to me.
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PostSubject: Re: people who think referring to 420 is rebellious   Mon May 31, 2010 3:43 pm

I have never heard the 420 reference, but there are other annoyances that I have dealt with on massive multiplayer online games. First off, I constantly hear people talk about smoking marijuana in a thousand different ways. They seem to think it makes them sound cool, and they feel same because no one actually knows who they are. But then, after a few minutes they always respond by claiming they were joking, I guess because they doubt their original confidence and assume that people will look down on them for it. Is it cool or is it ghetto? Make up your mind! Another irritating piece of conversation that I constantly hear is the ridiculous mmorpg slang. These are comments like afk, lulz, lmfaoshtifomc, pwned, etc. First, taking the abbreviation for 'away from computer' and changing it from a c to a k is not witty, it just makes you look like an illiterate douchebag. Taking lol and pretending you are pronouncing it in speech by saying "I did it for the lulz" is not amusing either. Once again, you just sound stupid, it is not original. When you find something funny, it makes sense to say lol as an abbreviation for laughing out loud because their is no way of saying that you are laughing that creates the same effect. However, the only other acceptable term is lmao to represent laughing my ass off. It is somewhat lame, but it gives you a way of saying 'this is really funny', however, ridiculous additions to the term like 'laughing my ass off so hard that I fell off my chair (lmaoshtifomc) does not explain your humor any more than lmao so it simply a bad joke. Finally, there is nothing more frustrating than the term pwned. It was gay enough when I used to hear the term owned, but then when everyone suddenly thought they were original when they used the term pwned it frustrated the hell out of me. I do not care if you want to sound like a douche, but when you sound like a douche, acknowledge it and stop pretending you are cool.
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people who think referring to 420 is rebellious
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