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 The Outrage Over Tiger

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PostSubject: The Outrage Over Tiger   Mon May 31, 2010 2:20 am

The most common reasons of why I hate people are probably double standards, and hypocritical actions or thoughts. The recent outrage over Tiger Woods affairs is an excellent example of this. More than seventy percent of people admit to cheating, yet they do not feel the slightest bit of shame or confliction when they then condemn Tiger for doing the same thing. How can you self-righteously criticize his actions when you are cheating on your spouse or significant other? I just can’t comprehend the level of arrogance or denial it would take to be that much of a hypocrite.

I have hated Tiger Woods from the moment I heard of him. For several reasons: he’s an asshole, he is the biggest corporate shill on the planet, he is considered a professional athlete for golfing (it is not a fucking sport!), he married a white woman… uh I uh ahem I meant oh never mind. That being said, he doesn’t owe his fans anything. It is his life to live as he pleases, if you support him it is your choice, no one is forcing you to. Choosing to support him (whether threw going to golfing events or buying merchandise or what not) does not entitle you to anything more than what you bought. You get what you paid for, if you bought a club, you get a club, not a piece of Tiger’s heart, grow the fuck up and live your own life.

I will never understand why people put famous people on a pedestal, and act like they can do no wrong. They are normal people, with normal motivations, why are people always so caught off guard and disappointed when they fuck up? My best guess is that it is some twisted and creepy voyeur-like fantasy they have where they think they are somehow connected to or vicariously living through these celebrities. No matter what the reasoning behind it, it is fucking pathetic.

The worst is the “how could you let down the children” bullshit. Like they even care, I had a favorite hockey player growing up, and if I found out he was a cross dressing murderer now, it wouldn’t change that fact that I respected how he played the game. Besides, it would be much better to learn that people can’t be trusted and are complete deviants without being directly involved in the situation. It is nothing but a cop-out meant to shame the person they are condemning.
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The Outrage Over Tiger
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