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 Maury Povich and DNA tests

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PostSubject: Maury Povich and DNA tests   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:19 pm

Every once in a while i catch a little bit of these Talk shows that feature DNA tests. Everybody comments on the complete whores who have to test 12 guys, and still haven't found the dads, so that is not the focus of this rant. What pisses me off are the times when it's married women who aren't sure if their husband is the father or not.

I hate infidelity, but I'm not naive. I know it happens all the time so that is not what bother me. What does piss me off is the reaction of Maury and his pathetic audience. They always try to pressure the guy to take care of the kid whether its his or not. Maury says things like "DNA doesn't matter, all that child cares about is that you're there for it, you are it's daddy." or "I have a child in my home that isn't biologically mine." (what he doesn't share, and what I am slightly embarrassed to know is that he and his wife adopted that kid. That is a completely different situation but I'll get to that later.) Whenever Maury spouts this nonsense his retarded audience roars with applause. This pisses me off because they never do that when the shoe is on the other foot. They never tell the woman that a real woman would stay with her cheating husband and be a mother to his illegitimate child. No, they tell her "once a dog always a dog" and things of that nature. So if a man cheats the woman should find a good man. But if the slut, i mean woman cheats the guy should suck it up and raise her lover's child? are you fucking kidding?

That is why Maury's statement is so dishonest. As I said he made a decision with his wife to adopt a child, it wasn't her child that he adopted. It is a completely different story when you are talking about mutual adoption, or her having kids before you met her. But he is telling these men to be financially and emotionally responsible to a child that is a living breathing reminder of what a lying deceitful slut his wife is. Could you imagine trying to look a kid in the eye knowing that it's entire existence is owed to the fact that your wife was sucking and fucking some dude behind your back? Could you live with that every fucking day of your life? It's not raising someone else's child that is the problem, it is the deceitful way it came into being. In a case like this, she took the husband for a fool, and if he takes her back she was right about him. If your girl gave a damn about you she wouldn't be cheating, and the least she could have done was made the fucker wear a condom. I would never stay in a situation like that, and if anyone else would, they are not better for it, they are nothing but a sucker.
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Maury Povich and DNA tests
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